All flavours available in cakes and cupcakes. Gluten free options available! Please contact me in reguards to other dietary needs.


More then just your classic vanilla.  A soft, moist cake with a delicate vanilla flavour. The classics never go out of style.

Great for character cakes.


The same classic vanilla flavour with just a little, as the name suggests, extra fun added. Bright sprinkles of colour mixed through the vanilla cake gives an exciting, bright look. Very popular with children

Chocolate Cake

Deliciously decadent, chocolate cake, made with real chocolate, resulting in a flavour packed moist cake.

Available in sponge or mud.

Choc Mint

It’s the same rich chocolate flavoured cake with an added freshness of a mint flavoured frosting giving the classic flavour a refreshing boost.


Homemade caramel sauce gives this caramel mud cake a unique rich flavour that is very popular. tasty and moist, this cake is a flavour packed option for those who don't love a heavy tasting cake.

Citrus Mud

Made with the juice of orange, lemon and lime, this cake is a perfect balance of fresh and rich. This mud cakes and deliciously moist and highly praised. The light flavour with a dense texture makes this cake very popular amongst a wide crowd. 

Lemon Meringue

This delicious flavour consists of a moist lemon mud cake, filled with a sweet and tangy lemon curd. Topped with a perfectly crunchy, yet gooey meringue.

Raspberry White Chocolate

My newest and favourite cake flavour! Made with real white chocolate and a homemade raspberry sauce this cake is super moist and light, with the sweet swirl raspberry, creating a river of flavour throughout the cake. The contrast of red and white make this a visually appealing cake as well as tasting amazing.



Another flavour packed cake. Rich and moist this cake offers a less sweet option so a sweet tooth menu. Made with a homemade carrot puree, this cake is rich in carrot flavour resulting and a moist, popular cake.


Just your classic banana cake made with real fruit, resulting in a moist tasty cake.

Do you have any suggestions?

Is your favourite not on this list? Contact me and let me know your thoughts and ideas and I'll see what I can do.

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An assortment of colours and flavours, these universal treats can be customised to create a unique showstopping morsel, that tastes great as well as looking cute.


Crunchy crust with a soft gooey centre. The way brownies should be! Rich chocolate flavour, fudgiest texture with chips of chocolate mixed through.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are the perfect mix between soft and crunchy, with that caramelised flavour that you just love. With quality chocolate chip sprinkled through, theses taste, little treats are simply irresistible!

"Better than subway"

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