• Jules


Yep that's right! I made a cake that looks like a slab of meat with a side of chips!

But I'm afraid that when you cut into this glorious cake, it was not a rarely cooked steak. but instead a chocolate mud cake! Frosted in a vanilla vodka butter cream with crushed mint slice biscuits, this cake was just exploding with flavour! Covered in a layer of fondant and modelling chocolate for the gristle and bone, this cake was painted and scored to give it a more authentic look!

The chips are sugar cookies cut and dusted to imitate fries. The gooey gravy is a delicious chocolate ganache to confuse the senses and complete the illusion.

To pull the whole look together the salt shaker is of cause sugar and the pepper shaker is filled with a mix of coco powder and drinking chocolate.

I really loved making this cake and was inspired by the amazing Yolanda Gamp form how to Cake it! For her tutorials visit

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