• Jules

The Bell of the Ball

"Cinderella never asked for a man. all the wanted was a pretty dress, and a night out!"

The elegant cake was a pleasure to create!

Experimenting with a new flavour I created this delicious peaches and cream inspired cake. A vanilla cake base with chopped pieces of peach folded though. The smell form the oven was heavenly! Using left over peaches I made a peach jelly to use as a filling and that was just as good.

Now for the assembly. I made deliciously creamy frosting and stacked my cake together, creamy frosting and peach jelly sandwiched between beautifully baked cake.

I then carved out the dress shape and let it cool.

Draped in fondant and some pipped details this beauty was complete and ready for the ball.

When the time for cake came, everyone was so devastated it had to be cut but they all soon changed their minds when they ate it.

A beautiful cake for a beautiful night.